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3 – 4 March, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Get ready for Brazil’s only conference & exhibition focusing on valves and stainless steel. Flow Control Exchange will feature expert keynote speakers and technical presentations. If you are involved in the operation, manufacturing or specification of valves, actuators, piping, welding, castings, forgings, material selection etc., this is for you!

  • High Quality Conference Program

    The program has been carefully compiled by the expert Advisory Board headed by Conference Chairman Mr E.J. Euthymiou (Petrobas)

  • Networking opportunities

    The Conference brings valve and steel companies, EPCs and end-users together to strengthen relationships and exchange ideas and opinions.

  • Learning outside the conference

    Flow Control Exchange offers you learning opportunities outside the conference. Sessions in Portuguese and English are open to everybody!

More than 90% of exhibition space already sold!

Message from the Chairman
chairman Flow Control ExhangeConference Chairman Mr. Euthymios J. Euthymiou, Petrobras

As the Chairman of the inaugural edition of the Flow Control Exchange Conference & Exhibition, it is my honor to invite you to join us in Rio de Janeiro in March 2015.

The event will bring together a community of users and suppliers of steels and valve technology from around the globe. Furthermore, it will promote the exchange of technical knowledge and personal experiences, which surely help surpassing business and technological constraints.

More than never, traditional values as initial performance and acquisition cost are being supplemented with total cost of ownership, HSE and risk management, among other ones. Merging these values in a globally competitive market has increased the opportunities to implement innovative materials, technologies and methods.

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Official Opening of the event


Opening of conference by Chairman:

Mr. Euthymios J. Euthymiou, Petrobras

As the Chairman of the inaugural edition of the Flow Control Exchange Conference & Exhibition, it is my honor to invite you to join us in Rio de Janeiro in March 2015. The event will bring together a community of users and suppliers of steels and valve technology
from around the globe.


An overview of the Brazilian market

challenges and opportunities for the coming decade.
Mrs. Priscila Branquinho, Gas and Oil Production Chain, BNDES


Total cost of ownership – the benefits and consequences of carbon vs. engineered alloys

Total cost of ownership – the benefits and consequences of carbon vs. engineered alloys in addressing health, safety and environmental aspects.
Antonio E. F. Müller ABEMI & Tridimensional Eng.


An international perspective of the petrochemical markets

An international perspective of the petrochemical markets: growth prospects, developments and
requirements. *
12:45 –

Lunch Sponsored by ….


Speakers Corner on the Expo floor

American Petroleum Institute (API) Standards Development Program: Ever wonder who or how API standards
are developed? Ms Delma Quintanilha, API South American Chief Representative, will give a brief overview of API Standards Development Program and how you can get involved.

Valve Sessions

Valve selection criteria and requirements
throughout the life cycle.

This session looks at the important factors that need to be considered when selecting which valves to use in the field to ensure the maximum value throughout the entire life cycle. Practical examples of valves in use will be given and discussed. Speakers will provide perspectives from the point of view of end users, EPCs, and suppliers.
Mr. Euthymiou, Petrobras , Petrobras & Mr. Tony Smart,
Shell Speakers will include representatives from Shell, Petrobras, ABEMI, and Flowserve.

Steel & Corrosion Sessions

Material selection criteria and justifications.

This session takes in in-depth look at the wide range of requirements and decision making criteria that must be
considered for effective material selection. It will include comparing alternative materials, challenges faced during the selection process, and a comparative look at the end results. Speakers will provide perspectives from onshore/offshore upstream, downstream/petrochemical and refining, and both onshore and subsea oil & gas pipelines.
Moderator: Mr. Carlos J. B. M. Joia, Petrobras
Speakers include representatives from Victaulic, Petrobras, and Aperam Brazil

Networking drinks on the expo floor

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18:00 –

Short Seminar:

The API Monogram Program

Each day more buyers are requiring API Monogram Licenses from their suppliers in Brazil and abroad.
That’s because the Monogram Program provides buyers with an additional guarantee on the quality and reliability of the monogramed product. Learn
why this program is so valuable to your buyers and how an API License can add value to your business. API’s Brazilian representatives will give an in depth
look at how the program works, what it takes to qualify and how to apply.
18:00 –

Short Seminar:

How to become a Petrobras supplier

This seminar presents the main requirements for suppliers to
gain approval in the Petrobras Corporate Registry (CRCC).
The Registry is a database of Brazilian and foreign companies interested in participating in biddings for Petrobras. The first step in entering negotiations with Petrobras is to have your company registered. The seminar will also outline the communication channels available to assist companies in the registration process.

Managing Aging Plants deals with the critical topic that many of the industrial plants currently in operation in Europe are about to reach, or have already surpassed, the life expectancy specified when they were designed and built.

However, far from becoming redundant and dismantled, these plants remain very productive and are important to the profitability and success of our western economies.

Managing Aging Plants is sponsored by


Managing Aging Plants is supported by




Key features for manufacturers operating within the Brazilian market

Key features for manufacturers operating within the Brazilian market: challenges, local content , design validation as NBR.
Mr. Euthymios J. Euthymiou, Petrobras


Strategies for successfully participating in the Brazilian market

Strategies for successfully participating in the Brazilian market.
Mr. Ernani Turazzi & Mr. Ronaldo M.L. Martins, Petrobras


Investment programs for the oil & gas industry

Investment programs for the oil & gas industry.
Mr. Alexandre Petry, Apex Brasil *
12:30 –

Lunch Sponsored by ….


Valve Sessions

Valve challenges

fugitive emissions, sealing performance,endurance & consistent production. This session will address some of the most common and challenging issues faced by the manufacturers and users of valves including regulatory compliance, fugitive emissions, fire safe valves, sealing performance and endurance. The importance of and methods for ensuring
consistent valve production are also addressed.
Moderators: Mr. Jose Carlos Veiga, Teadit & Paulo Odilon, ASco Speakers include representatives from Braskem, Teadit, Chesterton, Bray International Inc.

Steel & Corrosion Sessions

Corrosion resistant alloys

material properties, processes and limitations for equipment design. The session looks at the most important issues impacting the use of CRA’s including corrosion, weldability,
machinability, limitations and alternative materials. The use of duplex and super duplex will be addressed; and whether the currently available codes and standards sufficiently address emerging problems or whether additional standards need to be applied.
Moderator: Ricardo Fedelhe, W. Schulz
Speakers include representatives from W. Schulz, FMC, Aperam
16:00 –

Coffee break

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16:30 –

Valve Sessions

Managing trends in valve technology

This session addresses some of the latest trends
to emerge in the valve industry. Issues covered include pressure and flow control valves, and the use of intelligent emergency valves in HIPPS. Further, speakers will address the performance, monitoring and life cycle prognosis of valves used
in topside and subsea applications; and quality assurance throughout the supply chain from the factory to the EPC to operation.
Moderator: Mr. Euthymios J. Euthymiou, Petrobras
Speakers include representatives from Pentair USA,
Metso Automation Inc., Coester Automação Ltda
16:30 –

Steel & Corrosion Sessions

Managing the latest trends and requirements in the global
steel market

The session starts with a look at requirements for welding technologies and the challenges these present. Trends in emerging materials and the driving forces for their selection will then be discussed. This will be followed by a paper on how to strategically balance material costs, technology, capability and risk during the steel production process.
Moderator: Mr. Carlos Joia, Petrobras
Speakers include representatives from
TWI, Outokumpu, Villares Metals, and Sandvik
18:45 –

Closing ceremony

on expo floor, thanks to sponsors, networking drinks

Closing ceremony on expo floor, thanks to sponsors, networking drinks
Riocentro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Flow Control Exchange 2015 will be held at Riocentro

Riocentro is the venue of choice for national and international events held in Brazil

Riocentro is a modern and versatile place capable of hosting events of all types and sizes with comfort and convenience. Managed by GL events Brasil since 2006, the convention center will receive investments of R$ 200 million by 2014. This will make it the only venue equipped with a full infrastructure for events and business tourism in Rio de Janeiro, renting especially planned spaces, providing full support for events, as well as hosting, parking, helipad and restaurant.


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